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The Emergence of a New Frontier

Google has already indicated that voice is the fastest growing form of search, and has invested heavily in the idea.The question is have you?

41% of adultsnow use voice search once per day

60% of consumersare now using voice search
THERE HAS BEEN A 35% increasein voice search in the last 12 months
Over 1.000.000voice searches per month. (January 2018)​​



Short-tail keywords have already diminished in importance and conversational search is bound to decrease their prominence even further. People don’t use voice search the same way they ordinarily type into a search engine. They ask more direct queries, to get more relevant answers. This is where long-tail keywords in your content come in handy. Using these keywords helps increase the chances of your content ranking in voice search engine result pages.


Your content should prioritise answering questions like ‘why’, ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘how’. Your FAQs should be conversational in nature to answer these questions directly.


Now that you already understand your target audience consider what type of questions they’ll mostly be asking when looking for your products and services. The focus should be on providing a direct and concise answer for better ranking. Your focus shouldn’t just be on the keyword, but how the question will be phrased including extra words that will be used in order to get a concise answer. Build your content around these queries.


Unlike text search, voice search is not just direct – but often colloquial. Consider how people generally speak, to develop content to match their tone.

How we optimise your VOICE SEARCH presence

domain vs domain

Competitors Analysis

As part of the process, we will analyse your competitors to analyse what keywords they are and are not featured in. The reason we do this is not only to see where and which categories they are advertising in and from that information we may decide to also market in that category or we may decide that category is too competitive and will not show you a great return on your investment so we will recommend we do not spend money in this area or category . This is particularly important if you select the option to pursue a combination of organic and a PPC advertising campaign (see Below).

Voice Optimisation​

We take the infomation as above and we then use a keyword generator that analysis the best search terms for voice search and from that we create a short list of preferred search terms and then optimise those terms in a short succinct Q and A s that deals with frequently asked questions and answers that we know for the above analysis that consumers are asking we may also ask you to provide some FAQs if you have not already got these on your website and or marketing as you will know what consumers ask you on are regular bases. 

We can add these to the voice optimised landing page and the business pages that we are creating and we know exactly what the artificial intelligence and or algorithms are looking for in regards to the keywords and the number of words it is looking to keep the search fields in as well, this is critical and has taken us some time to establish the perfect number of words.

We then massage you FAQ to optimise those words so the search engines find your pages and provide you with the 1st choice for the search.

Search Optimisation

With that said we still need a landing page with content od between 2500 -3000 words to show the search engines this is a website that ensures it covers of the required content keywords and meta tags but does not break the search engines website clone rules.

We add some strong links from reputable sites that are specific to your business category which is all connected to a Domain Name that matches the search all videos and photos are added to further boost the names from an SEO point of view.

Google Mobile Friendly

Search Optimisation

Further to the above and by optimising for voice by default we are ticking all the boxes for mobile-friendly searches and desktop conventions Ultimately Google are the Gorillas in search, so we need to be sure we use of Googles tools where we can to optimise the ticking of all boxes form a search point of view. But with that said we still need to be sure we are optimising everything for the other search engines so we are covering all bases.

Bing (Microsoft) Search Engine​

As I stated earlier as above Bing represents 12 percent of the market which is mainly overlooked by search and see companies and in many ways getting results in Bing can be far less competitive and inexpensive. When you combine all of the Microsoft search tools they are trending up in search results where Google has tended down I believe a lot of that is to do with Voice search as Alexa (amazons product is using Bing and Alexa is by far the most sophisticated and effect Voice search tool in the market. I believe that with the trend Google was losing market share but Google has just done a deal worth 3 billion a year to entice Apple to use Google instead of Bing. But with that said If you search a business on Siri and you don’t have an Apple Maps listing you lose the search result to your opposition. So its still important to ensure you have an Apple maps page registered.
Apple perth city

Snippet FAQ on Google Business Pages​

We take all the data we have researched and analysed to than apply that to keywords search tools and find the words customers are using to search your business and business category. We know the exact sweet spot for the words that are required to optimise the Voice Search results and we apply those words and the relevant content to give you the search authority (it is important that these are combines to optimise both search capacities) as one will not work without the other.​

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